So you’ve been hearing a lot about Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) but you don’t know what it is, how it works or why it’s all the fuzz now. Let me explain the best way I can!


First and foremost we must understand what a convolution, the building block of CNNs, is.

Let’s say we have a grayscale image, where each pixel has the value of the intensity.

If you are starting out on software development, you might be wondering what type of security concerns you should be aware of before releasing or publishing a project.

In this post I’ll address some of the most important ones, if you are a security expert or a long time software engineer then this post is probably not for you. Although if you are curious you have the index ahead where I state what will be covered here.

If you implement these principles it doesn’t mean your website or platform will be completely impenetrable but you will know you have a…

Anonymous users is a big part of web development and e-commerce, more specifically. What makes it so important? It’s the first experience users have on your website!

The issue

The issue with anonymous users (the one we will focus on in this post, of course there are others) is how to store their information. Let’s say your anonymous user adds some product to it’s cart, where do you save it? How can you access it in the future?

Possible solutions

If you are developing a website made up of a front end only in the browser (no mobile app, only browser) plus a back…

João Maria Janeiro

2x Software Engineering intern @ Google | Electrical and Computer Engineering Student at Instituto superior Técnico

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